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Paragon Metals International, Inc. will cover purchase orders of any size.




Paragon Metals International, Inc. (PMI, Inc.) currently handles approximately 30,000+ metric tons of non-ferrous scrap, and sizable quantities of ferrous scrap metal through its Honolulu, Hawaii operation each year.


Hanni Hartmann has over 30 years of experience in all areas of the scrap metal and recycling industry.


Customers can rely on PMI, Inc. to fulfill business agreements and contracts precisely to client specifications of quantity, quality grade, and price, and provide on time delivery.

Client Opportunities

PMI, Inc.’s extensive business network offers sellers a vast number of outlets to sell and export scrap metal, and offers buyers a global marketplace for purchase.

Seamless Execution

PMI, Inc. can handle all steps in the trade process from loading scrap metal from the seller’s plant to the delivery of goods to the buyer’s works.

Hands On

Hanni Hartmann started his career working for his family business in a scrap metal/recycling yard in Germany.

Trouble Shooter

PMI, Inc. rescued companies in distress and lead them to profitability by teaching them how to improve efficiency by streamlining scrap metal/recycling operations.


PMI, Inc. is fully insured and informed of all regulatory and legal issues involved in the scrap metal industry.


PMI, Inc.’s long standing global business relationships form the nucleus of it’s scrap metal trade partners today.


PMI, Inc. is always looking for new trade opportunities for business partners with an eye to opening doors in emerging nations. PMI, Inc. also creates innovative and mutually beneficial partnerships by joining related industries.


Hanni Hartmann is versed in English, German and French.

Culturally Informed

The experience of conducting business globally has equipped PMI, Inc. with a toolbox of skills that include familiarity of worldwide etiquette and business styles.

Agent Representative

Uniquely positioned to facilitate introductions or “door-opening” between companies for mutual benefit. PMI, Inc. works with Texas Shredder Inc. (Texas), Namco (Florida), Barlow Projects (Colorado), and Indra-Recycling (Germany) in this capacity creating opportunities in Hawaii, the U.S. Mainland, China, India, and among others.


Participates in annual ISRI and BIR conventions attending educational seminars to keep up-to-date on industry trends and technical advancement.


Studied economics at University of Marburg.

Financial Confidence

PMI, Inc. will cover purchase orders of any size.

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Facilitate the efficient trade of non-ferrous scrap metal between international business clients reliably.